venture capital glossary

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Guide: Raising Venture Capital - Glossary of Relevant Terms

In order to walk the walk, you first have to talk the talk.


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Guide: How to Write a Book that ACTUALLY Makes Money

6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Writing Will Help You Discover The Secret To Unlocking Your Next Revenue Leap With An Expert Book!

your business in numbers

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Guide: Your Business in Numbers - Increase Your True Profit Margin

Have you been shying away from your numbers? You’re not alone! 

Danielle Langton

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Guide: How to Plan For Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur with Danielle Langton

For years, Danielle Langton, an Austin, TX-based business strategist, has advised her female founder clients about how to better run their businesses in order to create a life, not just a living. Sometimes, it’s the “life” part that’s the hardest to strategize - and in October 2022, Danielle welcomed her first baby, Smith James, and experienced her first maternity leave. 

Birdie Public Relations

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Guide: Building Your Brand Story Video Training + Worksheet From Birdie Public Relations

Ellie McNevin is the founder of Birdie Public Relations and started her career in publishing, working in New York as an editor for top national titles at Condé Nast and Hearst. Since moving to the world of PR nine years ago, she has used her editorial background and contacts to help clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies navigate the world of public relations.

Crypto Lead Magnet

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Guide: Opening Your Crypto Wallet with Michelle Reeves

This guide is brought to you by ​Michelle Reeve, Co-Founder and CEO of Mavion. MAVION NFTs are four years in the making. Since 2018 their team has worked with over 450 independent designers from 26 countries launching limited edition accessory collections under our ecommerce brand, The Accessory Junkie.

 Introduction to Angel Investors

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Guide: Introduction to Angel Investors - What Angels Look For and Where to Find Them

This guide is brought to you by ​Alison Wyatt. Alison is the Co-Founder and CEO of The 10th House and Female Founder Collective, and an investor in companies such as Hatch, HeyMama, and Summer Salt is an expert on angel investing!