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Unlocking Retail Success: The Four Rules of Retail You Absolutely Must Know To Create a 7-Figure Retail Brand

Female Founder Collective and The 10th House have partnered with Tina Wells to bring you the ultimate guide for breaking into retail. Use this high-impact strategy to expand your retail business to its fullest potential.

open ai roadmap

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Open AI Roadmap

We’ve been hearing about buzzy AI and are practically bombarded with the promises of artificial intelligence on what seems to be like a daily basis. BUT what does it actually mean and how can it transform my business so I can increase my sales and improve productivity?

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2024 eCommerce Development Guidelines for Shopify and Shopify Plus Owners

This is an eCommerce Development Guide for all Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners.

go to market

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Master Your Launch and Revenue Strategy in 2024 with Go-to-Market Planning

How to Save Time, Money & Stress So You Don’t Lose Money on Marketing Before You’re Ready

good links

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Good Links Round-Up: Marketing, Media, and Branding Toolkit

The only toolkit you need!

Sustainability Strategy Guide

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How to Build & Scale a Sustainability Strategy

Are you a founder looking to implement a sustainability plan for People, Purpose + Profit? Then this guide is for you!

BFCM checklist

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Last Minute BFCM Checklist presented by Klaviyo

Ingredients to execute a successful Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy.

healthcare cheatsheet

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Guide: Healthcare Terms Cheatsheet

Terminology and helpful tips to know when exploring healthcare plans.

brand board kit

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Guide: The Brand Board Kit

The Brand Board Kit is designed to provide a succinct and supported way for you to dream up your brand vision. An ideal way to jumpstart your branding journey.