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open ai roadmap

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Open AI Roadmap

We’ve been hearing about buzzy AI and are practically bombarded with the promises of artificial intelligence on what seems to be like a daily basis. BUT what does it actually mean and how can it transform my business so I can increase my sales and improve productivity?

Open House

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Replay: The 10th House Open House

​Come join Ali Wyatt & Carli Roth, as they answer all your questions about the upcoming changes happening in The 10th House!

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

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Replay: Start, Grow, and Accelerate Your Brand with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

​During this unfiltered conversation, CEO of Female Founder Collective, Alison Wyatt, sits down with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson for a discussion on discovering your own guiding pillars, finding what ignites your passion, recognizing strengths, and safeguarding what makes you valuable. Specifically, they will dive into how to know when it’s time to pivot, tips on becoming a resilient founder, and how to climb your way to the top.

Her first book, "The Beauty of Success: Start, Grow, and Accelerate Your Brand," launches on February 13, 2024, through Wiley Publishing.

pitch demo

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Replay: Pitch Demo Day + Q&A with Power To Pitch

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During this demo day hosted by Power To Pitch, three founders are invited to present a three-minute pitch in front of a live virtual audience. Each pitch is followed by on-the-spot feedback, advice, and Q&A with a panel of experts.

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Resources to Help You Succeed in 2024

Every year ahead can seem more unpredictable than the last. But we believe that with the right tools, no part of your business growth will feel unpredictable.

We have gathered brand kits, venture capital roadmaps, angel investor guides, profit margin predictors, and sustainability strategies to create the ultimate toolkit for 2024.

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2024 eCommerce Development Guidelines for Shopify and Shopify Plus Owners

This is an eCommerce Development Guide for all Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners.

go to market

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Master Your Launch and Revenue Strategy in 2024 with Go-to-Market Planning

How to Save Time, Money & Stress So You Don’t Lose Money on Marketing Before You’re Ready

good links

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Good Links Round-Up: Marketing, Media, and Branding Toolkit

The only toolkit you need!

tips for 2024

Tips From Top Founders and Funders

Every founder and aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from mentorship. Mentors give career growth advice, help you avoid common mistakes, and share insights that lead you to a greater chance of success.

Still searching for the perfect mentor? Search no more because Female Founder Collective has gathered experts and industry leaders to share their proven methods for getting ahead in the new year.

From tips on staying innovative to raising venture capital in a slow economy, standing out on retail shelves, how to break into retail, and their best business practices, get mentorship from Jaime Schmidt, Meghan Cross (Amplifyher Ventures), Nyakio Grieco, Nancy Twine, Lisa Odenweller, Daria Burke, Rebecca Minkoff, and Tina Wells.