Guide: Your Business in Numbers - Increase Your True Profit Margin

Have you been shying away from your numbers? You’re not alone! 
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Have you been shying away from your numbers? You’re not alone! 

With this done-with-you spreadsheet, you will cut out uncertainty and doubt to help you quickly uncover the true profit margin of your business.

This tool was created by business advisor, Mira Katz, who specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs, so she knows that ease, beauty, and color, can bring the fun into funding. With the resource, you will get a bird's eye view of your business in numbers in less than 30 minutes.

Mira started her first company at 21, sold it at 26, was an executive at a multi-million-dollar tech startup, a director and strategist at an award-winning branding agency, and has advised clients in reaching six-figure months in their first year. She's into creative ideas that change the world and make it more beautiful and connected, and is an advocate for freedom, financial empowerment, and a feminine approach to building businesses. Mira is an advisor to business owners, and runs several passion projects based out of Mexico City and LA, with clients worldwide.

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