Replay: How to Become an Angel Investor with Sydecar

Supporting the Next Generation of Women-Led Startups Through Community Investing

We all know the stat. In recent years, only 2.4 percent of all capital invested went to woman-founded venture-backed startups. If you’ve ever fundraised, chances are you pitched to a room of people who didn’t look, think, or live like you. As women, this scenario is all too common and is the root of why backable businesses never get the funding they deserve. Only about 12% of decision-makers at VC firms are women, and 65% of firms still do not have a single female partner.

​It’s time to change that. We invite you to join our panel on becoming an angel investor and being the change you want to see in your community. Starting anywhere from a $5k check, you can be why more female founder businesses are funded.

​Starting your investing journey may seem intimidating, but as operators, entrepreneurs, or ex-founders, women have all the knowledge necessary to angel invest. And it takes less capital than you may think! Investing through a syndicate allows you to pool your capital with other angels and create more impact for the companies you believe in. In addition to the financial upside, angel investing allows you to support founders you love, share your knowledge with those coming after you, and bring more capital to women-led startups, uplifting the whole ecosystem.

​Join Female Founder Collective and Sydecar for a tactical workshop on the power of community-led investing through syndicates. We'll be joined by Annie Evans, Rochelle Stewart, and Kelley Arena to hear how they got started as angel investors and built their community of hundreds of investors.

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